Sidebar Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Regulations- Section 5

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  • 5.1- The map of regulated areas, entitled "Official Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Map for Middletown, Connecticut" delineates the general locations and boundaries of inland wetlands and the location of watercourses. Copies of this map are available for inspection at the Municipal Development Office. In all cases, the precise location of regulated areas shall be determined by the actual character of the land, the distributions of regulated soil types and location of watercourses. Such determinations shall be made by field inspection and testing conducted by a certified soil scientist where soil classifications are required or where watercourse determinations are required by any qualified individuals deemed acceptable to the Agency.
    The burden of proof for a wetland boundary determination shall be with the applicant. Should the Agency dispute the location of the wetland boundary provided by the applicant, it may consult the Soil Conservation Service or the DEP to resolve the dispute.
  • 5.2- Any property owner who disputes the designation of any part of his or her land as a regulated area on the Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Map, may petition the Agency to change the designation in accordance with Section 15 of these regulation. All petitions for a map change shall be submitted in writing and shall include all relevant facts and circumstances which support the change. The petitioner shall provide proof that the designation is inapplicable. Documentation, in accordance with Section 15 of these regulations, may be required of the property owner when the Agency requires an accurate delineation of regulated areas.
  • 5.3- The Agency and/or its designated agent shall monitor and maintain general surveillance of the regulated areas within the City to ensure that no unauthorized regulated activities occur and that permitted activities occur within any permit restrictions.
  • 5.4- The Agency or its designated agent shall continually inventory inland wetlands and watercourses. The Agency may amend the Official Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Map delineating said wetlands and watercourses to be regulated, in accordance with Section 15 of these regulations.
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