Sidebar On January 16, 2007, the Redevelopment Agency unanimously denied further investigation or steps towards adopting a redevelopment plan for the Sumner Brook Area.

Proposed Sumner Brook Redevelopment Plan- The Redevelopment Agency is studying the feasibility of adopting a redevelopment plan for the area near the intersection of East Main Street And Saybrook Road in Middletown. The Planning Department's current draft version of the proposed plan has been drafted for the area known as Baer and Dunham Street. As of the October Redevelopment, Planning Department is looking to create a more comprehensive Plan that addresses the redevelopment issues along East Main Street and Hillside Avenue.

Draft Proposed Redevelopment Plan for Sumner Brook

All of the following properties will be included in the proposed Sumner Brook Redevelopment Plan

Properties in the previously proposed Baer and Dunham Redevelopment Plan
21-23 Saybrook Road
27 Saybrook Road
33 Saybrook Road
326 East Main Street
340 East Main Street
47-49 Saybrook Road
5 Baer Street
7 Baer Street
1 Dunham Street
2 Dunham Street

Properties proposed to be included in the expanded Sumner Brook Redevelopment Plan
311 Main Street Ext
Main Street Ext (Lot 35 24-15A 3)
Mill Street (Lot 35 30-3 27X)
Mill Street (Lot 35 30-3 27C)
134 Mill Street
137 Mill Street
331 East Main Street
373 East Main Street
438 East Main Street
441 East Main Street
442 East Main Street
447 East Main Street
448 East Main Street
455 East Main Street
459 East Main Street
460 East Main Street

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