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A potable and adequate water supply shall be provided for every lot or dwelling unit. 5.21.01 Extensions
Where a public water system is accessible, as determined by the Middletown Water Pollution Control Authority and the Plan of Development, all necessary water mains and lines to provide water connections for each lot shall be installed and connected to the public water system, by the developer in accordance with City Regulations, as amended, and as approved by the Water Pollution Control Authority.

5.21.02 Required Extensions
Where a public water system is not accessible, as determined by the above, and the developer is required by the Director of Health to connect to a public system, such extension of the public system, as may be necessary in order to connect with the proposed subdivision, shall be extended and installed at the expense of the developer and/or developer.

5.21.03 Capped Systems
If required by the Water and Sewer Department and approved by the Planning and Zoning Commission water system lines and service connections shall be installed in all subdivisions requiring new streets, capped, and ready for connection to the availability of the future water main. This may not be necessary if the Water Pollution Control Authority cannot determine invert elevations, gradients and immediate future availability of services after a thorough study by the Water and Sewer Department or if the area of the proposed subdivision is not targeted for expansion of the Public Water System by the Water Pollution Control Authority or the Plan of Development.

5.21.04 Fire Hydrants and Residential Sprinklers
Where a public water main is extended, fire hydrants shall be installed at the expense of the developer. Fire hydrants shall be generally located no more than 1000 feet apart and all dwellings shall be within five hundred (500) feet of a hydrant. The location of hydrants shall be subject to the review and approval of the Fire Chief and Marshall for the particular fire district.

Residential Sprinklers are strongly encouraged. The Commission may consider waivers of other specific standards, such as cul-de-sac length, sidewalks or driveway aprons, as tradeoffs for residential sprinklers provided the developer can demonstrate that public safety is ensured and is in no way diminished.

A developer desiring to install a domestic sprinkler system shall present to the Water Department a plan of such system prepared and sealed by a professional engineer registered by the State of Connecticut who shall incorporate NFDA 13D "Standards for the installation of sprinkler systems in one and two family dwellings", as amended. Such plan shall incorporate the following information:

  1. Street and number of structure to be sprinklered;
  2. Elevation of sill or first floor of structure to be sprinklered;
  3. Relationship of structure to water main in street;
  4. The type and number of sprinkler heads to be installed;
  5. Design flow and operating pressure of a single operating head;
  6. Design flow and operating pressure of two or more operating heads; (Coincident flow)
  7. Size and length of separate sprinkler system service pipe from water main to structure.
  8. Type and size of backflow prevention device to be used on the sprinkler service, if required by State Health Department.
  9. Computer of total head losses (in psi) expected in designed system from water main to most remote head under coincident flow conditions.

5.21.05 Private Wells
In a subdivision which is located where a public water service is not available, a private well shall be permitted for each lot provided that (1) topographic and geological conditions are satisfactory; (2) each well can be designed, located and constructed in accordance with the standards and requirements of the CT. Dept. of Health, as amended; and (3) each well shall have the approval of the Middletown Health Department.

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