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Department of Planning, Conservation, and Development.


All utilities shall be underground. Prior to installation all utility plans shall be submitted to the Department of Public Works. Underground locations shall generally comply with the following

  1. Sanitary Sewer- Center line of street.
  2. Storm Sewers- Edge of street opposite water line.
  3. Water line- Within Right of Way above and at least 10' from sanitary sewer line.
  4. Electric, Telephone, Gas and Cable T.V.- Within Right of Way in the five foot green belt area between the curb and the edge of the sidewalk or within a private utility easement. No private utilities shall be buried in the pavement area of the street unless the Director of Public Works determines that subsurface conditions in the landscaped area prevents burial of private utilities.
For lots in new subdivisions which front on an existing street with overhead wires, the service from the pole to the house shall be underground.

5.20.01 Utility Construction
All utility systems and facilities shall be designed and constructed in accordance with the accepted standards and pertinent specifications of the State or City Codes, as amended, and State Public Utility Commission Regulations, as amended.

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