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Permanent reference monuments shall be placed within the subdivision as required herein.

City Road Right of Way Merestones, perimeter boundary and lot corners shall conform to ClassA-2 of Code of Recommended Practice for Standards of Accuracy of Maps, as amended. A Registered Land Surveyor in the State of Connecticut will certify to the Public Works Department as to the correctness and accuracy.

A minimum of two (2) vertical and horizontal control points will be set within the City right of way at positions designated by the Public Works Department. The markers used for horizontal and vertical controls shall be approved by the Public Works Department. Horizontal coordinates will be from Connecticut State Co-ordinate System with tie in requirements as above. Vertical Control will be United States Geological Survey, hereinafter referred to as USGS mean sea level datum. The markers used for horizontal and vertical control shall consist of a merestone with a brass cap as required by the Pubic Works Department.

A registered land surveyor will certify to the horizontal and vertical accuracy of the points set in accordance with Class A-2 of the Code of Recommended Practice for Standards of Accuracy of Maps prepared by the Connecticut Technical Council, Inc., September 13, 1984, as amended from time to time.

Highway lines will be monumented by standard City of Middletown merestones at all points, PC, PT, PRC. The maximum distance between highway merestones will be 500 ft. on tangent or curved sections of the highway line. The proposed highway line will be tied into existing highway merestones may be required at locations on the highway line as required by the Public Works Department.

All lot corners shall be permanently located by iron or steel stakes at least three quarter inch in diameter and thirty (30) inches in length.

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