Sidebar Subdivision Regulations

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Lots proposed for the existing streets shall, in addition to meeting other applicable standards of these regulations, be arranged to conform with the following:

Where no street lines have been established on an existing street, front property lines for subdivision lots shall not be closer than 25 feet from the center of the road or 50 feet from and parallel to, an established street line on the opposite side of the street,  The Commission may require that the title to all land between the center of the road and the front property lines of the subdivision lots shall be dedicated to the City of Middletown in accordance with the legal requirements for such a procedure:

  1. Where the grade of the existing or proposed road will be materially higher or lower than the proposed lots fronting on it, the Commission may, for reason of providing adequate sight distance on driveways, alleviating excessive or hazardous slope, or excessive runoff, require any lot or any part of such lot to be regraded as necessary to be in harmony with the road grade; and/or
  2. Where the finished grading of a lot fronting on an existing street will cause drainage problems in that street, the developer shall, at his expense, install drains in the street or make other such provisions as may be necessary to correct the condition.
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