Sidebar Subdivision Regulations

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Lot dimensions shall comply with the minimum standards of the Middletown Zoning Code, as amended. In general lots shall be rectangular in shape and shall be capable of containing a buildable square containing the majority of the lot area. The Middletown Planning and Zoning Commission, hereinafter referred to as the Commission, may require the re-arrangement of any proposed lot lines as long as all lots conform to the Zoning Code. Where lots are more than double the minimum required area for the zone in which they are located, the Commission may require that such lots be arranged so as to allow further subdivision and the opening of future streets where they would be necessary to serve such potential lots. In general, side lot lines shall be at right angles to street lines (or radial to curving street lines) unless a variation from this rule will give a better street or lot plan. Dimensions of corner lots shall be large enough to allow for erection of buildings.

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