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5.02.01 Site Analysis
For all major subdivisions an analysis shall be made of the characteristics of the development site, such as site context; geology and soil; topography; existing vegetation; structures and road networks; visual features; wetlands; wildlife habitat and the past and present use of this site. The assessment shall include the mitigation measures for minimizing environmental impact and shall pay particular attention to lots containing large percentages of sensitive land. (ie. wetlands, flood plains, steep slopes)

The analysis shall be submitted in a narrative with all necessary supporting graphics. The Planning and Zoning Commission may submit the assessment to the Conservation Commission for review and comment.

5.02.02 Subdivision Design

  1. Development of the site shall be based on the site analysis. Development lots should be determined by consideration of the following factors: protections of public health and safety, preservation of the natural features of the site, making the best use of the natural terrain, avoidance of the environment sensitive areas, and minimizing negative impacts and alteration of natural, historical and/or archeological features.

    Except for playlots or other open space specifically approved by the Commission, no area that is rendered useless for building due to easements, watercourses, wetlands, shape, topography, or failure to meet water supply or sewage disposal needs shall be shown as a lot on any subdivision plan.

  2. The development shall be laid out to avoid adversely affecting ground water and aquifer recharge; to reduce cut and fill; to avoid unnecessary impervious cover; to prevent flooding; to provide adequate access to lots; and to mitigate adverse effects of shadow, noise, odor, traffic, drainage, and utilities on neighboring properties.
  3. The placement of units in residential developments shall take into consideration topography, privacy, building height, orientation, drainage and aesthetics.

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