Sidebar Subdivision Regulations

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Upon the completion of all subdivision improvements, "as-built" maps, on mylar, shall be filed with the Public Works Department and the Water and Sewer Department within sixty (60) days of installation and prior to final approval. As-Built Plans shall meet the requirements of the appropriate department.

In case of subdivision involving septic systems, the design engineer must submit an "as-built" map, certifying the installation of a private sewage disposal system, as soon as possible prior to the Certificate of Occupancy being signed.

Should a developer deviate from his originally approved construction specifications, he does so at his own risk. The Planning and Zoning Commission is not under any obligation to ratify construction changes of subdivision improvements and as such the Commission may refuse to endorse the final subdivision map. The Commission may require the developer to construct or reinstall any improvements that do not conform to city specifications or the approved construction specifications prior to the release of any bonds, the issuance of any certificates-of-occupancy or the endorsement of the final subdivision map.

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