Sidebar Subdivision Regulations

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When the subdivision is not to be served by sanitary sewers and/or a public water supply, a letter from the City Health Department shall be submitted to the Commission certifying that: 1.) the land to be subdivided and the Subdivision plans are satisfactory for private sewage disposal and/or water supply systems; or 2.) the design plans for engineered septic systems have been reviewed and approved, or a statement indicating that "engineered systems are required" must be noted on the approved plan.

In determining the suitability of the land, the Health Department may require a Sanitary Report prepared by a professional engineer. The report shall demonstrate the feasibility of the ground for sub-surface disposal of septic tank waste.

The report shall contain test results and engineering evaluation of test results based on an extensive sub surface investigation and a statement by the engineer that, in his professional opinion, the area is suitable for the installation of individual sanitary sewage disposal systems of the general type and size considered necessary by the engineer.

The Health Department may also require water quality testing and the construction of test wells at various locations to determine potability of private well water supplies.

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