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The Planning and Zoning Commission shall require that the developer furnish projections of the increase in stormwater runoff created by major subdivisions. If necessary minor subdivisions may also be required to conform to these requirements.

All major subdivisions shall submit a Stormwater Quantity and Quality Control Plan which is in accordance with Section 5.23 and Public Works specifications. If the Planning and Zoning Commission or City staff conclude that adjoining lands or streets will receive an increased flow or that downstream watercourses are incapable of accommodating such flow increase, a Stormwater Runoff Quantity and Quality Control Plan may be required for minor subdivisions.

When required, the facilities shall be designed and located so as to minimize the danger to the life and property of area residents. All storm drainage controls shall be designed by a registered professional engineer.

Measures for the retention and/or detention and controlled release rate of stormwater runoff from the development shall meet the standards of the Public Works Department and the City of Middletown Ordinances, as amended.

All retention and/or detention structures shall be dedicated to the City as part of the street right of way and overall storm water managements system. The commission may consider alternatives to dedication if clear access and maintenance is assured.

The developer shall be responsible for adhering to the Middletown Code of Ordinance, Section 26-7. Acceptance and Maintenance of Stormwater Surface Runoff Facilities, as amended. The Public Works Department shall be responsible for maintenance of any such facility after acceptance of the facility by the City.

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