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When applicable, plan and profile drawings of all proposed streets, storm drains, water lines, sanitary sewers, catch basins, manholes, ditches, water courses, headwalls, sidewalks, gutters, curbs, and other structures shall be submitted and drawn to a horizontal scale of 1" = 40' and a vertical scale of 1" = 4'. Profile drawings and elevations shall be based on City, State or U.S. bench marks or other permanent bench marks approved by that Public Works Department. The bench marks used shall be noted on the plan. Plan-profile drawings shall show at least the following information in accordance with good engineering practice and as appropriate for the particular subdivision of re-subdivision:

  1. Title of the subdivision or re-subdivision, date, scale, City and State;
  2. For streets, the existing grades at the center lines and both street lines and the proposed grade at the center line and both street lines; width of pavement, and typical City of Middletown cross section of roads with correct specifications depending on the type of subdivision;
  3. Depth, invert, slope and size of all pipes, ditches, culverts, manholes, catch basins, headwalls and water course cross sections;
  4. Approximate location of lot lines interesting the street line; lot numbers and street names;
  5. Sidewalk curbs, gutters and special structures to include street lights and guide rails;
  6. Detail drawings of any bridges, hydrants, catch basins, box culverts, deep manholes, and other special structures;
  7. Intersection detail drawings may be required to insure adequate pavement grading in order to control runoff. The plan shall be at a scale of one inch equals ten feet and have contour interval of one half foot. The plan shall show a minimum of 75 feet of each leg of the intersection as measured from the point of intersection, and all catch basins or other surface water collection devices and top of frame elevation;
  8. The complete proposed storm drainage system and sanitary sewer system, including pipes, structures, outlets, and existing features which are to be incorporated into the design;
  9. The existing grades at the centerline and both street lines of proposed streets, including spot grades. The cross section and/or profile of the proposed street, including the center line stationing, at 50 foot intervals, stations and elevations of all vertical control points, stations and elevations of all vertical high and low points, length of vertical curves, the grade of tangent sections, elevations at 50 foot stations on tangent sections and 25 foot stations on vertical curve sections;
  10. The centerline profile and spot grades of any existing street to which the proposed subdivision street connect, for a distance of 300 feet beyond the proposed road;
  11. Minimum centerline radius for subdivision roads shall be not les than 150 feet. For through roads, radii shall conform to ASHTO standards; and
  12. All appropriate details and dimensions necessary, as determined by the Public Works Department and the Water and Sewer Department, to clearly explain the proposed construction, including the type of construction and materials.
  13. Any other information deemed necessary and appropriate by the developer or requested by the Commission or its designated agent.
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