Sidebar Subdivision Regulations

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The final release of performance bond constitutes an affirmative Connecticut General Statutes 8-24 and the issuance of formal final approval.

The performance bond shall be released only at that time when the Commission or city officials receive the following:

  1. All pertinent departments shall submit reports to the Planning and Zoning Commission stating that all required subdivision improvements have been completed;
  2. The developer shall submit all required "as built" plans and supporting documentation to the Director of Public Works and/or the Director of Water and Sewer and a letter to the Director of Public Works stating that all property corners have been pined or monumented;
  3. A maintenance Bond, if deemed necessary, and as described in section 3.13.01 of these regulations is filed with the City;
  4. The developer has submitted all necessary materials to the City Attorney for formal acceptance of all public improvements.
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