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A mylar, a digital (.DWG.DXF) file based on the State Plan  Coordinates (NAD1927), and four (4) paper prints of the final or conditionally finally approved subdivision plan shall be submitted to the Planning and Zoning Department to determine whether they comply with the Planning and Zoning Commission's motion approving the subdivision plan.  If found that the conditions of approval have been met, the Chairperson of the Commission and the Director of Planning and Zoning shall sign all copies. The mylar original copy is to be filed in the Middletown Town/City Clerk's office within ninety (90) days after the mylar is signed by the Chairperson. Any plan not so filed or recorded within the prescribed time shall become null and void. Extensions in accordance with the Connecticut General Statutes, as amended are permitted. In the event of an appeal the recording must occur ninety (90) days after the termination of such appeal by dismissal, withdrawal, or judgment in favor of the developer.  No such plan shall be recorded or filed by the Middletown Town/City Clerk until its approval has been endorsed thereon by the Chairperson of the Commission and the Director of Planning and Zoning.  The endorsement shall also state the date of expiration in accordance with Section 2.07 of these regulations. Any filing or recording of a subdivision plan without such approval shall be void.  No changes, erasures, modifications, or revisions shall be made on any final subdivision plan after the Commission has approved and endorsed the final subdivision plan.  In the event that any subdivision plan contains any changes when recorded, the plan shall be dull and void and of no legal standing.  One copy of the final plan is to be returned to:

  1. Planning and Zoning Office;
  2. Department of Public Works;
  3. Water and Sewer Department (if applicable); and
  4. Health Department (if applicable).
Commission endorsement of final plans shall not be deemed as acceptance by the Common Council, of any street or other land shown as offered for dedication to public use.

(Section amended effective 11/15/99)

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