Sidebar Subdivision Regulations

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  1. The developer shall submit three (3) signed original copies of the proposed contract and the required performance bond to the City Attorney's Office and one copy to the Planning and Zoning Department.
  2. The City Attorney shall review and process the contract and required performance bond.
  3. The City Attorney shall review and transmit the letter of credit and/or certified check to the Director of Finance for review and approval.
  4. The City Attorney shall transmit the contracts to the Mayor's Office for his signature.
  5. The contracts will then go to the Planning and Zoning Department to obtain the signature of the Chairperson of the Planning and Zoning Commission.
  6. The fully executed contracts will be returned to the City Attorney's office and signed copies will be distributed accordingly.
  7. Upon receiving a signed copy of the contract the Planning and Zoning Department will process the final mylar as outlined below.
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