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Final approval shall be granted when all required work as set forth in the approved application has been completed to the satisfaction of the City. At this point a final plan of the approval may be filed in the City's land records and lots may be conveyed and building permits issued. Final approval also constitutes an affirmative Connecticut General Statutes 8-24 review. Prior to the granting of final approval and the filing and recording in accordance with this section, all pertinent departments shall submit affirmative reports to the Planning and Zoning Commission. Reports shall indicate that all required work has been completed. If there are no public improvements involved in the subdivision final approval may be granted without prior preliminary or conditional final approval.

Requirements for final approval include a final Mylar, all required As-Built plans, an acquisition agreement and deeds for the public right of way and any utility or drainage easements, in such form as may be prescribed by the Commission, and a letter from a licensed Land Surveyor noting that all property corners have been pinned or monumented.

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