Sidebar Subdivision Regulations

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All work, as work is defined in the Connecticut General Statutes Section 8-26c, as amended, with respect to any subdivision or re-subdivision requires that any subdivision or re-subdivision shall be completed within the time period specified in the statute after the date of the first approval of the subdivision plan (whether preliminary or conditional final).  Failure to complete all work within such period shall result in automatic expiration of the approval of such plan, provided the Middletown Planning and Zoning Commission shall file on the land records, if any form of final approval has been granted, in the Office of the Town City Clerk, notice of such expiration and shall state such expiration on the subdivision plan on file in the Office of Planning and Zoning Department.  If final approval has been granted and lots have been conveyed during such five year period, the municipality shall call the bond on said subdivision to the extent necessary to complete the bonded improvements and utilities required to serve those lots. 

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