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In order to make formal application for approval of a subdivision or re-subdivision, the applicant shall submit the following:

2.05.01 Application
A complete application to the Planning and Zoning Commission for subdivision, re-subdivision and special exception shall include an application, the required fee, plans and written approval, conditional approval, or denial obtained by the applicant of the final revised plans from the City of Middletown Department of Health, Public Works, Water and Sewer, Police, and Fire. The Planning and Zoning Commission is not bound by any departmental comment.

Further, no application for special exception, subdivision or re-subdivision shall be deemed complete without the submission of a notice of decision of an Inland Wetlands Permit as issued by the Middletown Inlands Wetlands Agency, provided such a permit shall be required under regulations adopted by said Agency.  Any plans submitted to the Commission shall conform, in all relevant respects, to those plans which were approved, or modified and approved, by said Agency.
(Section amended effective 3/15/02)

2.05.02 Planning and Zoning and Wetlands Coordination
All applications for subdivision or re-subdivision shall be reviewed by the Inland Wetlands Agency Staff prior to formal submission to the Planning and Zoning Commission. Should the Inland Wetlands staff determine that a permit is required or that an Inland Wetlands Agency review is required the applicant shall delay submission to the Planning and Zoning Commission until that time when an application for permit has been filed with the Inland Wetlands Agency or a determination that no permit prior to receiving a report from the Inland Wetlands Agency. Failure to comply with this section constitutes grounds for denial.

2.05.03 Application Fee
All application fees shall be paid by check or money order made payable to the City of Middletown and are in accordance with Section 15.10 of the Middletown Code of Ordinances, as amended.

2.05.04 Topography Map
The proposed subdivision plan shall be shown on a print of the "Topographic Map of Middletown, Connecticut, Showing Drainage Systems and Inland and Wetlands Superimposed" date of photography April 17, 1980." For minor subdivisions one (1) copy of such a print is required. For major subdivisions two copies of such print shall be submitted and a print highlighting the subdivision shall be affixed to a board and available at the hearing. These maps are available for purchase in the Public Works Department. If a subdivision appears on more than one sheet, the sheets shall be properly affixed to one another.

2.05.05 Required Plans and Other Information
Due to the varying complexity of the various types of subdivisions the submission requirements will vary for each type of subdivision, as listed below. The submission requirements can be found in Section 4 of these regulations;

  1. Minor- Subdivisions on an existing street;
  2. Major- Any number of lots requiring the layout and construction of new streets;
  3. Industrial Subdivision- Non residential subdivisions; and
  4. Open Space subdivision- replacing the traditional lot by lot layout with a flexible pattern of development intended to minimize changes to the existing terrain.

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