Sidebar Subdivision Regulations

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For all subdivisions the applicant is strongly encouraged to have a pre-application conference with Planning and Zoning staff and other staff regarding the proposed subdivision. The purpose of the pre application conference is to provide for the exchange of ideas between the applicant and pertinent City staff and to ensure the orderly and expeditious processing of applications. Discussing subdivision design in the formative stages will provide the opportunity for coordination with the Plan of Development and an opportunity for the applicant to become aware of all pertinent regulations and other considerations. Information to be used in the informal discussion should be submitted to the staff at least five (5) days prior to the meeting. The accuracy of the information for the informal discussion, including both conventional and cluster schematics, is expected to be of clear and understandable quality. A City topography map for the area, available from the Public Works Department is also recommended. This procedure in no way constitutes a formal submission to the Planning and Zoning Commission. All discussion is only advisory.

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