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Considering the demonstrated negative impacts on the public school system including but not limited to overcrowded schools, the need for modular class rooms and increasing budget constraints from the rapid residential growth which resulted in over one hundred and fifty (150) homes per year for the last five (5) years and over two hundred (200) homes projected for the upcoming year a zoning moratorium is declared with respect to residential subdivisions or re-subdivisions in excess of three (3) lots for the purpose of engaging in a comprehensive land use planning process to determine the ideal rate of growth and the ideal future population within the city.

For a period not to exceed nine (9) months following the adoption of this amendment, no proposal for subdivision or re-subdivision may be considered or approved.

During the nine (9) month period the Planning and Zoning Commission shall engage in a comprehensive land use planning process and shall produce and adopt a new Plan of Conservation and Development as required in CGS 8-23. The Plan, as authorized by CGS 8-23, shall determine the ideal future population and identify a schedule of open space acquisitions using the recently approved $3 million open space bond. The Planning and Zoning Commission shall also, if needed, propose zoning text and/or map amendments, which would lead to implementation of the Plan of Conservation and Development.
(amended effective 2/19/03)

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