Sidebar Subdivision Regulations

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The Commission, upon written request from the applicant submitted prior to the scheduling of a public hearing, may waive specific requirements of these regulations with respect to a subdivision where conditions exist which affect the subject land and are not generally applicable to other land in the area. No waiver shall be granted that would conflict with the Zoning Regulations, or any other City, State of Federal regulation, or that would have a significant adverse effect on adjacent property or on the public health and safety. In granting a waiver of specific requirements of these regulations the Commission shall find that the waiver shall be the minimum deviation from the requirements of these regulations and may attach such conditions that it deems necessary to preserve the purpose and intent of these regulations. The Commission shall state upon its record the reasons for which a waiver is granted.

The Commission may grant a waiver of any of the specific requirements without a written request if it deems such a waiver will enhance the development and be in the interest of the public health, safety and welfare.

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