Sidebar Subdivision Regulations

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1.06.01 Interpretation
The interpretation and application the provisions of these regulations shall be held to be the minimum required if it is demonstrated that different standards are necessary for the promotion and protection of the public health, safety, and general welfare.

1.06.02 Conflict
These regulations are not intended to interfere with, abrogate, or annul, any other ordinance, rule or regulation, statute, or provision of law. Where any provision of these regulations imposes restrictions different from those imposed by any other provisions of these Regulations or any other ordinance, rule or regulation, other provision or law, whichever provisions are more restrictive, or impose higher standards, shall control.

1.06.03 Separability
If any part or provision of these regulations is adjudged invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction, such judgment shall not affect or impair the validity of the remainder of these regulations.

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