Sidebar Subdivision Regulations

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It is the intent of these regulations that all land to be subdivided shall be of such character so that it can be used for building purposes without danger to the health or the public safety; that proper provisions shall be made for water, drainage, sewerage and all other necessary community facilities; and in areas contiguous to brooks, rivers or other bodies of water subject to flooding, that proper provision shall be made for protective flood control measures; and that the proposed streets are in harmony with existing or proposed thoroughfares, and so arranged and of such width, as to provide an adequate and convenient system for present and prospective traffic needs; and that the Commission may require the provision of open spaces, parks and playgrounds; and that proper provision be made for soil erosions and sediment control and the promotion of energy efficient patterns of development including solar access; and to ensure proper legal description and monumenting of subdivided land.

These regulations are also designed to protect the character and the social and economic stability of all parts of the City, to establish standards of design and the orderly layout of the land; and to prevent the pollution of air, rivers, streams, and ponds; to safeguard the City's groundwater reserves and to encourage the wise use and management of natural resources throughout the community in order to preserve the integrity, stability, and beauty of the community and the value of the land.

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