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This document contains the “City of Middletown Harbor Management Plan, Draft for City Review” prepared by the Middletown Harbor Improvement Agency. The draft Plan will be reviewed by City agencies and officials and the general public and modified as necessary before it is approved by the Connecticut commissioners of environmental protection and transportation and adopted by the Middletown Common Council. The Plan has been prepared by the Harbor Improvement Agency in accordance with authority provided by the Connecticut Harbor Management Act (Section 22a-113k to 22a-113t of the Connecticut General Statutes) and Section 26-12 of the Middletown Code of Ordinances. Section 26-12 of the Middletown Code establishes the jurisdiction, powers, duties, and responsibilities of the Harbor Improvement Agency. This section of the Code was amended by the Common Council in 1998 to enable the Agency to function as the City’s Harbor Management Commission and prepare the City’s Harbor Management Plan.

The draft Plan contains goals, objectives, policies, projects, and recommendations for balanced use of the Middletown waterfront and Harbor Management Area (HMA) for recreational, commercial, and other purposes. The Plan also encourages beneficial waterfront development and economic revitalization linked to the Connecticut River, as well as protection of environmental quality in the HMA and safe and enjoyable use of the waterfront and HMA. The HMA encompasses the City’s municipal jurisdiction on the tidally influenced waters of the Connecticut, Mattabesset, and Coginchaug rivers.

A principal purpose of the Harbor Management Plan is to increase City influence and control in the HMA, which previously has been subject primarily to State and Federal authorities. Upon adoption of the Plan by the Middletown Common Council and approval of the Plan by the Connecticut commissioners of environmental protection and transportation, public and private actions affecting the HMA must be consistent with the Plan. The Harbor Improvement Agency will be responsible for ensuring this consistency through a “Waterfront and Harbor Management Review” process established by the Plan.

The Plan will increase coordination among the different City agencies that carry out responsibilities affecting the waterfront and HMA. It establishes a policy framework to ensure that these agencies incorporate an awareness and understanding of waterfront and harbor management concerns into their deliberations, and that their actions are consistent with the waterfront and harbor management goals, objectives, policies, and other provisions included in the plan.

The Plan commits the City to no significant implementation costs. The Plan recommends a number of projects to achieve the City’s waterfront improvement and harbor management goals, thereby establishing a formal basis for pursuing funds for those projects if the City chooses to do so.

The provisions of the Harbor Management Plan are consistent with and complement the provisions of the City’s Plan of Conservation and Development. Together, these two City plans will function as the principal guides for use and conservation of Middletown’s water and waterfront resources.

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