Sidebar Harbor Management Plan- Introduction and Overview

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A number of persons have assisted with the preparation of this draft Plan, including City officials and Middletown residents, as well as representatives of City, State, and Federal agencies and private organizations.

The draft Plan was prepared at the direction of the Middletown Harbor Improvement Agency:

Thomas Chace, Chairman
Dennis Bradley
Peter Borowicz
Councilman Gerald Daley
Jane Hall
Edgar Pratt
David Roane
Councilman Stephen Shapiro

Former Agency members who contribute to formulation of the draft Plan Edward J. Dzialo, Jr., Joseph Guida, Helen Hammond, Tim Hunt (prior to his appointment as Middletown Harbormaster), Claude Lacombe, and Domenique Thornton (prior to her election as Mayor of Middletown). Mr. Dzialo, past Chairman of the Harbor Improvement Agency, Mayor Thornton, and former Mayor Maria Madsen Holzberg deserve special recognition for their leadership and their support for the City’s waterfront and harbor management planning efforts.

From the Middletown Department of Planning, Conservation, and Development, Jim Sipperly assisted the Harbor Improvement Agency throughout the planning process and contributed important information, assistance and advice during the course of the work. Prior to their retirements, William Kuehn and Cynthia Wilcox of the City’s Municipal Development Office provided valuable support and assistance to the Agency. Tim Hunt, State of Connecticut Harbormaster for Middletown, also provided importance assistance.

Representatives of the City’s Planning and Zoning Commission, Department of Planning, Conservation and Development, Conservation Commission, Public Works Department, Parks and Recreation Department, Water and Sewer Department, Department of Health, Police Department, Fire Department, and Municipal Development Office (now incorporated in the Department of Planning, Conservation and Development) provided vital information for the planning process. A number of regional, State, and Federal agencies, including the Midstate Regional Planning Agency, Middlesex County Soil and Water Conservation District, various divisions and units of the Connecticut departments of transportation and environmental protection, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and U.S. Coast Guard, also contributed important information. Representatives of the many private organizations and businesses concerned with the Middletown waterfront and Harbor Management Area also provided valuable assistance, including representatives of Wesleyan University, America’s Cup Restaurant (now Harborpark Restaurant), Valley Railroad, Connecticut Central Railroad, Deep River Navigation Company, Pratt and Whitney, Northeast Utilities, Peterson Oil Company, Connecticut River Pilot’s Association, Head of the Connecticut Regatta, Inc., and other organizations.

Geoffrey Steadman of Westport, Connecticut served as consultant to the Harbor Improvement Agency for preparation of the Harbor Management Plan and for the City’s Waterfront and Harbor Management Study which provided important background information for the Plan. Mr. Steadman worked at the direction of the Agency to prepare all Plan and Study documents. Photographs in the document were provided by Mr. Steadman. The Midstate Regional Planning Agency assisted with preparation of base maps of the waterfront and Harbor Management Area.

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