Sidebar Developers Guide to the Development Process-

1) In such a case your options include a zone change or a variance. You should now read the text on each of these options prior to proceeding any further. You then should arrange to meet with the Planning staff in order to discusses your strategy.
2) In all likelihood the staff has recommended a zone change, you should submit application, and other materials required in Section 71 of the Zoning Code for a zone change.
3) You then should appear at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Planning and Zoning Commission to  present your proposal. At this meeting you will present your ideas, and have the commission schedule a public hearing.
4) A sign should be erected in accordance with Section 48.03.05 of the Zoning Code on the site at least 7 days prior to the hearing.
5) You then should appear at the hearing to present your proposal and answer any questions.
6) Zone Change Granted?
YES NO Redesign or Abandon project.
7) File on the Land Records in the Office of the Town Clerk.  
8) You now have a permitted use return to "A Permitted Use" page.  

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