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State Historic Register Documentation

Draft Historic Resources Inventory Form
Eckersley-Hall- Aerial Photos- 1934-2008
Eckersley-Hall- Photos of notable interior features
Eckersley-Hall- Photos of notable exterior features
GIS Map of 61 Durant Street
GIS Map of 61 Durant Street
USGS Map- Middletown Quadrangle
Middletown Evening Press Articles 1918-1929
Middletown Eye Article on WPA Mural and Albert McCutcheon
Middletown Patch Article about Durant School

Proposed Addition and Renovation

1- Color Site Plan
2- Proposed addition Southwest view, Black and White rendering
3- Proposed addition Southeast view, Black and White rendering
4- Proposed addition East facade view, Color rendering
5- Basement Floor Plan
6- Second floor Floor Plan
7- East Facade, Black and White elevation
8- West Facade, Black and White elevation
9- South Facade, Black and White elevation
10- North Facade, Black and White elevation
11- Color Rendering, Birdseye View from Southeast
12- Color Rendering, Birdseye View from Southwest
13- Site, Birdseye View without Modular Classroom to the North

Request for Proposals- Architectural Services

Project Timeline
May 19, 2011- Advertise Request for Proposals
June 10, 2011- Pre-Bid Meeting at site
July 18, 2011- Cut Off for Questions to City
July 26, 2011- All Proposals and Bids Due (3:00pm)
August 15, 2011- Selection of Finalists (3-5)
August 25, 2011- Presentations by Finalists to Building Committee
September 7, 2011- Announcement of Successful Bidder
September 22, 2011- Contract Awarded
October 1, 2001- Work Begins

Schedule of Work
The Consultant will advise the City of Middletown on their availability to initiate this project and their timeline for completion, and include the completion of a draft report for review by the commission prior to final acceptance and implementation by the City of Middletown. The respondent must submit a project timeline with proposed completion goals and schedule of deliverables.

Project Reports and Documents
The Consultant will prepare written monthly reports to advise the Eckersley Hall Building Committee, or other boards of their progress. A final written report including all recommendations, cost analyses and engineering and working drawings will represent the completion of the design phase of this project. Construction Inspection Services will commence when construction funding is in place. Ten (10) copies of the final report will be provided to the Building Committee and fifteen (15) copies of the final design drawings.

Resources Available to firms Bidding on this Project

For more information contact:
Donna Imme
Purchasing Officer
245 DeKoven Drive
Middletown, CT 06457

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