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Prior to formulating any recommendations for the future use of land, it is essential to have a thorough understanding of the cities’ existing land use pattern.

The current land use map shows the extent and type of land uses existing throughout the City and the Central Business District land use map displays the uses in and around the CBD. The arrangement of land uses shown on this map demonstrates that the Plan of Development as well as the Zoning Code have served the community well over the past decade. New Commercial, residential and industrial development has occurred in those area recommended for the same in the 1976 Plan of Development and as permitted in the Zoning Code.

The table below presents the most recent, principal classifications of existing land use and the acreage involved. As is clear from this table, the majority of the land which remains undeveloped is residential. This residential land is, for the most part, located in the zones which require lots in excess of one (1) acre.

Developed Acres Undeveloped Acres Total
Residential 14,058 72% 5,583 28% 19,641
Commercial 213 78% 60 22% 273
Industrial/Office 2,614 71% 1,065 29% 3,679
Other 640 18% 2,967 82% 3,607
Totals 17,525 64% 9,675 36% 27,200
Note: An undetermined portion of the undeveloped land must be considered undevelopable due to steep slopes, wetlands and flood plains.

It is interesting to compare the acreage of different categories of developed land in 1989 with their 1965 counterpart.

EXISTING LAND USE (Approximate area in acres)
Category 1965 1989
Residential 2,290 14,058
Commercial Approximately the Same
Industrial/Office 780 2,614

This comparison clearly indicates that the past 25 years have seen significant residential and industrial / office development. On the other hand, there has been limited commercial development. This limited commercial development is clearly the result of the locational policies, in terms of commercial uses, set by the Planning Commission. These policies and the corresponding zoning scheme are designed to maintain a viable Central Business District. For this reason, there has been virtually no significant commercial development outside of the Central Business District over the past 25 years.


The State of Connecticut is the largest single landowner in the city. The state owns approximately 1,530 acres. The vast majority of this land is composed of Connecticut Valley Hospital. While the campus proper is quite developed, the majority of the land area is rugged and unoccupied. The primary use of this land is for the protection of the hospitals water supply reservoirs.

The City of Middletown owns approximately 1,086 acres. This land is composed of land which is used for water supply purposes, city parks and public schools.

Northeast Utilities also has large holding of land within the city. These holding comprise approximately 1500 acres. While a small portion of the acreage is developed, the majority is rugged and unoccupied.

Other large landowners include Pratt & Whitney Aircraft, a division of United Technologies, Aetna Life and Casualty, Wesleyan University and the Feldsphar Corporation.

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