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Redevelopment of downtown area as the growing central business district needed by the future Middletown with retail, office, transient and in-town residential facilities. Carry out high priority urban renewal project. Put pressure on State to complete expressway system: Route 6A at least as far as Middletown; Route 9 with interchange shown on Plan. See General Plan: Central Area Map.

Establishment and promotion of industrial areas for new and expanded industries of the future Middletown. Make an outstanding industrial park of area along west side of Interstate 91, Install sanitary sewers and water supply in this and other industrial areas of Plan. put pressure on State for interchange of I-91 at Country Club Road. Keep up continuing promotional activities. See General Plan Map.

Land acquisition program for continuing action to secure land to meet the needs of the future Middletown. Adopt long-range school facilities program, and acquire needed sites before all land is developed. Continue studies of recreation facilities and plan for early acquisition of needed land. Coordinate recreation facilities with school program. Also, coordinate recreation needs with land required for drainage and conservation. See chapters on The Long-Range School Facilities Program and Recreation.

Long-range capital improvement program to plan for financing of the projects needed by the future of Middletown. Sanitary sewerage: Extensions especially in north and west sections. Water supply: Increase supply, modernization and extension of mains. Highways: A continuing program for improvements, including new thoroughfares. Schools, parks, etc. See the chapter on Implementation of the Plan.

Accurate layout of right-of-way of principal thoroughfares shown on General Plan by Planning Commission and early acquisition of land. Thoroughfare from I-91 at Country Club Road to center. Central "ring road", coordinated with urban renewal. Outer circumferential thoroughfare. See the chapter on the Circulation Plan.

Zoning: Adoption of revised ordinance and map to carry out the objectives of the Plan. See the chapter on Implementation of the Plan.


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