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Connecticut municipalities are authorized to prepare and adopt comprehensive plans of development by Section 8-23 of the Connecticut General Statutes. State law defines the comprehensive plan as "a statement of policies, goals, and standards for physical and economic development of the municipalities.... In preparing the plan, the commissions may consider physical, social, economic and governmental conditions and trends.... The plan shall be designated to promote with the greatest efficiency and economy the coordinated development of the municipality and the general welfare and prosperity of its people."

The plan provides an opportunity for the City to delineate guidelines for the best possible environment in Middletown. Preparing the plan helps the town to clarify its thinking on local issues: on growth, on community facilities and programs, on economic development, on preservation and conservation, on transportation, on housing and redevelopment.

Middletown's comprehensive plan, adopted by the Planning Agency in 1965 has become obsolete through time. New highways have been built, and changing housing patterns are impacting the municipal delivery in new ways. Extensive revisions should be made if the plan is to be responsive to current conditions in Middletown.

This document updates sections of the 1965 comprehensive plan of development are no longer relevant to Middletown. For the first time, 1970 Census material is incorporated in research about Middletown. Revisions present preliminary material necessary to properly consider specific projects and proposals. This revised plan will be used in evaluating individual programs and facilities to determine if truly they are a part of the design for a better Middletown.


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