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What regulations govern the installation of fences and walls?

Regulations concerning fences are governed by Section 12 and Section 13 of the Zoning Code. The appropriate sections from the Zoning Code are below.

12.01- VISIBILITY AT INTERSECTIONS IN RESIDENTIAL ZONES- On a corner lot in any Residential Zone, no planting shall be placed or maintained, and no fence, building wall other structure other than necessary retaining wall shall be constructed after the effective date of this section, if such planting or structure thereby obstructs vision at any point between a height of two and one-half (2 ) feet and a height of ten (10) feet above the upper face of the nearest curb and within the triangular area bounded on two sides by the two street lines, or by projections of such lines to their point of intersection and the third side by straight line connecting points on such street lines (or their projections), each of which points is twenty-five (25) feet distant from the point of intersection of the two street lines. Poles, posts and guys for street lights and for other utility services and tree trunks, exclusive of leaves and branches, shall not be considered obstructions to vision within the meaning of this provision.

12.02- FENCES, WALLS AND HEDGES- Notwithstanding other provisions of this Code, fences, walls and hedges may be permitted in any required yard, or along the edge of any yard, provided that no fence, wall or hedge along the sides or front edge of any front yard shall be over two and one-half (2 ) feet in height.

13.04.04- FENCES- Fences, up to six (6) feet in height, may be erected along the rear boundary, side boundary (from building line to rear boundary only) and front building line of a lot, and such fences shall not be deemed "structures" or "obstructions" for the purposes of this Code.

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