Sidebar Frequently Asked Questions Relating to Businesses

Where can I set up my business?

The zone designation of a piece of property, will determine what uses are allowed or not allowed. Business generally can conduct operations in the following zones:

  • IT Interstate Trade
  • PL Park Land
  • Neighborhood/Rural Commercial Development Zone
  • IRA Industrial Redevelopment Area
  • ID Institutional Development
  • B-1 Central Business
  • B-2 General Business
  • B-3 Business Office/Transition
  • IOP
  • I-1 Service Industrial
  • I-2 Restricted Industrial
  • I-4 Limited Industrial
  • I-3 Special Industrial
  • Newfield Street Planned Retail Business Commercial Zone
  • TD Transitional Development
  • IM Interstate Mixed Use
To find out what commercial uses are allow for each zone, consult Section 61 of the Zoning Code.

Residential Zones allow only for very small scale types of business, that have been issued a Residential Unit Business Pursuit permit. Or what is allowed by Special Exception according to Section 60 of the Zoning Code.

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