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Is it permissible to add an apartment in a single-family home?

Intent- To fulfill an increasing need for smaller, more affordable housing units in owner occupied, single-family homes while preserving the quality of Middletown's housing stock character of its neighborhoods.
Definition and Applicability- An accessory apartment is herein defined as a second dwelling unit within or attached to a single-family residence. An accessory apartment will be allowed as a permitted use in all areas zoned for single-family homes.
The accessory apartment will be approved only if the applicant has demonstrated that the proposed unit meets the following standards:

  1. The principal unit and the accessory apartment shall remain under common and ownership and shall be owner occupied at all times.
  2. The accessory apartment shall be within or attached to the single-family residence with a common wall of at least eight (8) feet in width.
  3. The accessory apartment shall not alter the basic character of the building as a single-family dwelling.
  4. The accessory apartment must connect to the primary unit via an interior doorway. Additional front entrances are prohibited.
  5. The accessory apartment must use existing unit's utilities and meters.
  6. One driveway shall service both dwelling units. Off-street parking for both units must be provided with three (3) spaces for the principal dwelling unit and one (1) space for the accessory apartment.
  7. The accessory apartment shall include its own kitchen, three-fixture bath and one bathroom.
  8. The floor area of the apartment must be at least 425 sq. feet and cannot exceed 800 sq. feet and 33% of the floor area of the existing home.
  9. The apartment shall comply with the Middletown Housing Code and all other applicable codes and ordinances.
  10. The accessory apartment cannot be converted from a garage or other auxiliary building.
  11. The home and apartment shall have only one (1) street number.

(Section added effective 3/3/03)
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