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Accumulation of junk: The storage, keeping or abandonment of junk, scrape or discarded materials. This definition includes, but is not limited to, the dismantling, demolition or abandonment of automobiles, machinery or equipment.

If the violation is on private property the following procedure is followed:

  • An informal letter is sent to the owner giving said owner an opportunity to remove the junk.
  • A formal cease and desist is sent by certified mail if the problem is then not addressed.
  • At 15 days after the ceases and desist is issued a monetary citation is issued for one hundred and fifty dollars (as indicated in Middletown Ordinance Sec. 26.22, and pursuant to Section 8-12a of the Connecticut General Statutes).
  • If the violation continues, and no remedy is agreed upon, then the owner will be sent a letter from the City Attorney initiating legal action.
If the violation is on city or state property the following procedure is followed:
  • The appropriate city or state department / agency is contacted and informed of the violation.
  • Follow-up with said department / agency as to action.
Rundown properties: Section 14 of the City ordinance addresses the Middletown Housing Code. This code is intended to ensure a minimum standard for “the initial and continued occupancy of all dwellings and structures.” The Middletown Health department can be reached at 344-3474.

Zoning Violation Form
To report any Zoning Violation in the City of Middletown, call 860-638-4840 or fill out the form below:

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