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The following were submitted through the Riverfront Facebook page and will be shared or studied by the Middletown Riverfront Redevelopment Commission.

    Riverfronts to Study
  • Adrian Stroud- I would look closely at the Riverfront of Savannah, Georgia. They did a marvelous job with a river walk, Law Enforcement Officer's Memorial and many other things. You can walk down the boardwalk and go from restaurant to restaurant in a safe, well-lighted area.
  • Roland Chinatti- Bay City, Michigan. You should see what they did to their old decaying riverfront. The Sagniaw River, a major route for floating logs down to the mills, was totally transformed. Middletown, "Yes, we can" transform our river banks, too.Bay City, also, has an award winning Main Street!
  • Ann Pechulis Nash- Providence, Rhode Island
  • Jamie Mills- Glastonbury Riverfront Park
    Ideas to Consider
  • Jonathan Mosley- Middletown needs a modernized community boathouse and dock for rowing, canoeing, kayaking, etc, similar to the boathouse in Hartford. This could open the city to more activities on the river as well as organized watersports competitions. Improved facilities could also make the rowing regattas we already host more attractive to competitors throughout the region.
  • Jonathan Mosley- Perhaps the rail corridor running parallel to route 9 could be converted to a multi-use path once the old sewage treatment plant is gone and the rail is no longer needed.
  • Micki Esposito Charton- Of course there should absolutely, positively, be a boat ramp that anyone in town can use instead of boaters driving to other towns to pay and use their ramps. Give the Middletown people their own ramp and let people from other towns pay us!
  • Micki Esposito Charton- Although the state is always trying to shut down the ferries, I think it would be cool to have another ferry drive over from Middletown to Portland without having to worry about the bridge.
  • Jackson LaRosa- Floating Garden. Wilcox Island would make a perfect place for this type of cultivation system.
  • Al Maturo- A linear path for biking, walking, roller-blading. This idea need not eliminate any other idea, not at all. It can be, and should be, integrated into the use of the space. It should connect the Downtown to the Riverfront. It could stretch from one corner of the town (Cromwell/Westlake Condos) to the other (Higganum/Pratt & Whitney) This idea was presented by me and my brother Mike to the Middletown City Council in the mid-1990's, and remains on record at the Russell Library. It's not too late to implement it.
  • Al Maturo- Capture the hot water from the Kleen Energy Systems power station and use it, before it is pumped into the river, and wasted. This idea opens up a plethora of options, all of which should be planned around.
    • Option 1- A spa offering thermal/hot water. Go big, once people understand the joy of soaking themselves in the middle of winter, this place will be packed on weekends and week nights. Offer a variety of fee options, for different price ranges (markets), and different accesses. Inspired by Lavey-les-Bains
    • Option 2- A medical treatment facility using thermal water pools is an excellent way for people recovering from broken bones to rehabilitate themselves. I speak from experience. My experience tells me that old people dominate these facilities, and also that medical insurance pays for this type of aqua-therapy. This facility should be built adjacent to the spa, to utilize the same infrastructure and minimize costs. Inspired by Lavey-les-Bains Medical Center (French version only)
    • Option 3:- An in-the-river pool. The Connecticut River is now considered Class B water, one level from drinkable. Certainly, one can swim in it. Pools exist where river water flows through them on a regular basis. Keep the holes in the pool small, so the wildlife does not enter. Make the pools compatible for easy draining and cleaning. Inspired by Zurich Womens only Bath house Also inspired by Enge Badi:
    • Option 4:- Using the hot water, heat local housing and/or public facilities. The Kilowatt hours produced can be sold to consumers.
  • Al Maturo- Bury Route 9. Route 9 is noisy, and it smells. I know because I used to live less than 100 feet from it. No one should picnic and relax under the shadow of belching trucks and cars. It's just not healthy. Dig a hole, build a tunnel of sorts, and bury Route 9. Catherine Johnson once presented this idea to Middletown, back in the mid-1990's. It's not too late to implement it. Here is the Google map of St. Maurice, Switzerland. Ironically, their highway is also Route 9. The pinch in the valley from the towering mountains above, bring the River, Railroad, Highway, and Town, all close together. The town buried the highway, placing community gardens on top of the roof of the tunnel. It is a quiet town, not choked by a highway.
  • James Hartzell Jr.- The Middletown Riverfront needs a Marina/Yacht Club owned by the City but ran by Brewer's. We are one of the largest city's on the river but no Marina, Why? Need to make it a boater's destination and a wedding destination. I am not saying overnight but River Road for the most part is a 'pit'. I walk it everyday and wonder why it's this way. I know it will take a while but this area needs and cries out for attention and growth.
  • Roland Chinatti- "Dan Buettner, author of Thrive: Finding Happiness the Blue Zones Way." Using databases that measure quality of life and personal well-being, Buettner set out to pinpoint the happiest spots on Earth. (Copenhagen came in first.) The only U.S. city to make the author's "happy" list was San Luis Obispo." Buettner has said San Luis Obispo quality of life was all due to a mayor back in the 70's who made quality of life THE priority over economic development. Maybe this should be the book Middletown Reads so we can all work on putting Middletown on the list of Happy places to live! Mayor Dan, could this be your legacy? Larry McHugh? Centerplan? Amato Family - Come Home to Downtown? Ed - No wrecking ball? Maybe working towards "Happiness" could put us on a lighter path, together.
  • Dan Hettrich- I would love to see Middletown create a trail and pedestrian bridge to Wilcox Island. Even if a Reef of submerged stone needed to be able to connect Harbor Park to rhe base of the Pedestrian Bridge it would be a great addition to add a Park to Midddletown and draw Tourist.
  • Dan Hettrich- I read in the paper this weekend that Middletown had one of the more active Ports along the Connecticut River. Wouldn't it be nice to recreate a Port atmosphere and small village at the base of a pier that is near the old sewage plant (at the bend of the river). You could even have some old river boats docked at the pier that you could tour. Of course you would like it to be within walking distance of Harbor Park as well so it may have to be closer than the old sewage plant. It would be a nice draw to Middletown.
  • John Hall- I've come to believe that the key to successful development of the riverfront is, as the first step, the creation of a broad (10-12') paved or stone dust, continuous multi-use trail along the river, with a water view most of the way. This will get people down to the linear park for exercise, which will in turn make others feel safe in the area -- all without a special event requiring further investment. If we can succeed in establishing this trail as a premier recreation, water-viewing, and exercise area, the rest will fall into place. The trail must be uninterrupted, though it can curve and zig-zag a certain amount. The longer the trail the better, but 1.5 miles would be best, so that a back and forth trip for the entire length would be 3 miles. The closer the trail hugs the shore, the better.
  • Carolyn Hughes- Community boat racks, where people could rent a place to keep their canoe or kayak on the riverfront for a low cost each season would be great! This pic is of the community boat racks at Jacobs Beach in Guilford CT.
  • Carolyn Hughes- Middletown folks and river enthusiasts everywhere, please click on this link and comment, rate and otherwise weigh in on ideas to reconnect the City of Middletown with the CT River as the CT DOT plans for the future: Transform CT
    Other Comments
  • Jonathan Mosley- Pedestrian access is another issue.
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