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The Common Council established the Middletown Riverfront Redevelopment Commission on February 4, 2013 to investigate and answer the important questions below to ensure the future development of Middletown's riverfront takes into account the perspectives of the community and priorities are established to guide any future development.

The task force shall report on the following questions with a proposed plan for implementation:

a. What shall be included in future riverfront development?
b. Should the City of Middletown incorporate a quasi-public, not-for-profit riverfront development corporation?
c. What types of zones/land use issues should be considered and/or implemented and how will those affect economic development goals identified by the task force?
d. What, if any, changes to existing highway patterns will be required to responsibly develop riverfront property and how can Middletown best interact with DOT to ensure efficacious planning?
e. What level of site control should the City have over parcels with potential for development? Should the City identify parcels of land for acquisition to guarantee a specific end use?
f. Which recreational features should be included to complement the overall plan of development and lead to enhanced quality of life, including but not limited to: an outdoor amphitheater, walking trails, open space, a boat ramp/docks, water features, plantings, a boardwalk, a boathouse, a banquet conference facility, hotel(s), and any others considered by the committee or offered by the public.
g. Should the City seek conveyance of State land adjacent to the South Cove area or parcels of contiguous land and what should be done with such space as it relates to the South Cove development?
h. Should the South Cove development be tied in to further development at Harbor Park and what is the most effective way to link riverfront development to Main Street?
i. What are other successful models for riverfront development throughout the United States of America and which features from those would work appropriately for Middletown?
j. Any other questions identified as appropriate by the Task Force.

The following important or historical documents related to Middletown's riverfront.

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