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Letter of Interest Requirements

  • Homeless Assistance Providers
    The Notice of Interest requirements are as follows:
    • A description of the homeless assistance program proposed, including the purposes to which the property or facility will be put, including uses such as supportive services, job and skills training, employment programs, shelters, transitional housing or housing with no established limitation on the amount of time residence, food and clothing banks, treatment facilities, or any other activity which clearly meets and identified need of the homeless and fills a gap in the continuum of care;
    • A description of the need for the program;
    • A description of the extent to which the program is or will be coordinated with other homeless assistance programs in the communities in the vicinity of the installations;
    • Information about the physical requirements necessary to carry out the program, including a description of the buildings and property at the installation that are necessary to carry out the program;
    • A description of the representatives of the homeless which is submitting the notice, its capacity to carry out the program and its financial plan for implementing the program; and,
    • An assessment of the time required in order to commence carrying out the program.

  • Other Interested Entities
    The notices of interest from entities other than representatives of the homeless should specify the name of the entity and specific interest in property or facilities, along with a description of the planned use.

  • Inspection of Property
    Any interested party may arrange to inspect the site by making a written request to the Middletown Local Redevelopment Authority, Attention: William Warner, 245 DeKoven Drive, Middletown, CT 06457. The request must be made within the next 45 days (approximately June 30, 2006). Since the site is under the control of the Army and entry is subject to the rules and regulation of the Army, you will then be notified of the date and time of the inspection tour and any special requirements of the tour.

  • Deadline for Receipt of Notice of Interest
    Any Notice of Interest must be received at the office of the Mayor of the City of Middletown, Middletown Local Redevelopment Authority, 245 DeKoven Drive, Middletown, CT 06457 on or before 4:30pm, September 1, 2006. The City of Middletown Local Redevelopment Authority will not be able to consider any submission received after that date and time.
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