Sidebar South Green Historic District
The list below provides an approximate list of all the properties in the South Green Historic District. If a property is not listed, but is located on one of the following streets, please call the Department of Planning, Conservation and Development to determine if your property is in the South Green Historic District.

Be sure to take a look to see if your property or project is eligible for Federal Historic Preservation Tax Incentives.

Church Street - Crescent Street - Pleasant Street - South Main Street

Church Street
22 Church Street
40 Church Street
65 Church Street
85 Church Street

Crescent Street
8 Crescent Street
11 Crescent Street
15 Crescent Street
29 Crescent Street
31 Crescent Street
41 Crescent Street
45 Crescent Street
49 Crescent Street
55 Crescent Street
59 Crescent Street
71 Crescent Street
77 Crescent Street

Pleasant Street
9 Pleasant Street
15 Pleasant Street
21 Pleasant Street
27 Pleasant Street
33 Pleasant Street

South Main Street
11 South Main Street
15 South Main Street
22 South Main Street
30 South Main Street
36 South Main Street
40 South Main Street
51 South Main Street
57 South Main Street
61 South Main Street
73 South Main Street

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