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48.00 General Requirements- The following regulations and standards are established to assure compatibility of signs with surrounding land usage, to conserve property values in all zones, and to strengthen the economy of the City. All signs hereafter erected or maintained, except official traffic and street signs, shall conform with the provisions of this section.

48.01 Definition and Regulations- For the purposes of this section, certain terms or words used herein shall be interpreted in accordance therein in the regulation of signs.

  • 48.01.01 Signs- Any letters, figures, design, symbol, trademark, or illuminating device intended to attract attention to any place, subject, person, firm, corporation, public performance, article, machine or merchandise whatsoever and painted, printed or constructed and displayed in any manner whatsoever out of doors for recognized advertising purposes. However, this shall not include any official court or public notices for the flag, emblem or insignia of a government, school or religious group when displayed for official purposes.

  • 48.01.02 Sign, Area of- The entire area within a continuous perimeter, including the extreme limits of actual copy area. It does not include any structural or framing elements lying outside the limits of such sign and not forming an integral part of the display. Only one side of a double-faced sign shall be used in computing the total area of said double-faced sign.

  • 48.01.03 Sign, Animated- A sign which rotates, moves, or in any way stimulates motion; except for clocks.

  • 48.01.04 Sign, Business- A sign which directs attention only to a business, commodity, service, activity, or product sold, conducted or offered upon the premises where such sign is located.

  • 48.01.05 Sign, Flashing- An illuminated sign on which the artificial light is not kept stationary or constant in intensity at all times when in use. Illuminated signs which indicate the time, temperature, date or similar public service information shall not be considered "flashing signs".

  • 48.01.06 DELETED (effective 4/15/94)

  • 48.01.07 Sign, Projecting- A sign which is attached to the building wall and which extends more than fifteen (15) inches from the face of such wall.
  • 48.01.08 Sign, Temporary- A banner, pennant, poster or advertising display constructed of cloth, canvas, plastic sheet, cardboard, wallboard or other like materials and intended to be displayed for a limited period of time.

  • 48.01.09 Sign Wall- A sign which is attached to the wall of a building, with the face in a plane parallel to such wall, and not extending more than fifteen (15) inches from the face of such wall.

  • 48.01.10 Sign, Directory- A sign which is extended to direct attention to non-residential land uses conducted or offered of different premises than those on which such sign is located.

  • 48.01.11 Sign, Off-site Advertising- A sign identifying or directing attention to a commercial activity, product, service, business, establishment, commodity or entertainment that is conducted, sold, rented, offered, or provided elsewhere than the same property.
    (Added effective 1/22/03)

48.02 Exemptions- The following types of signs are exempted from all provisions of this section, except for construction and safety regulations and the following requirements:

  • 48.02.01 Public Signs- Signs of a non-commercial nature and in the public interest erected by, or on the order of, a public officer in the performance of his public duty, such as safety signs, danger signs, trespassing signs, traffic signs, memorial plagues, signs of historical interest and the like.

  • 48.02.02 Institutional Signs- Signs setting forth the name or any simple announcement for any public charitable, educational or religious institution located entirely within the premises of that institution, up to an area of twenty-four (24 sq. ft. Such signs may be illuminated in accordance with the regulations contained hereinafter. If building mounted, these signs shall be flat wall signs and shall not project above the roof line. if ground mounted, the top shall be no more than six (6) feet above ground level.

  • 48.02.03 Integral Signs- Names of buildings, dates or erection, monumental citations, commemorative tablets and the like when carved into stone, concrete or similar material or made of bronze, aluminum, or other permanent type construction and made an integral part of the structure.

  • 48.02.04 Private Traffic Direction Signs- Signs directing traffic movement onto a premise or within a premise, not exceeding three (3) sq. ft. in area for each sign. Illumination of these signs shall be permitted in accordance with the regulations contained hereinafter. Horizontal directional signs on and flush with paved areas are exempt from these standards.

  • 48.02.05 Small Signs- Signs not exceeding two (2) sq. ft. in area, attached flat against the building, stationary and not illuminated, announcing only the same name and occupation of building tenant.

  • 48.02.06 Rental Signs- Signs on the premises announcing rooms for rent, table board, apartment or house for rent and not exceeding four (4) sq. ft. in area.

  • 48.02.07 Vehicle Signs- Signs on vehicles of any kind, provided the sign is painted or attached directly to the body of the original vehicle and does not project or extend beyond the original manufactured body proper of the vehicle.

  • 48.02.08 Political Signs- Political signs are all signs which are associated with, and advertise candidates or referendum questions for political campaigns at the local, state, and national levels. All political signs, including any signs for primary and special elections, shall adhere to the following criteria:
    1. There shall be no more than 2 signs per parcel.
    2. No political sign shall exceed 16 sq. ft. and further no sign shall be greater than 6 feet in length.
    3. All signs must be adequately anchored to insure that they remain in place during periods of high winds.
    4. No political sign shall be erected so as to impair existing traffic sight lines.
    5. Existing billboards in excess of 16 sq. ft. may be used for political signs.
    6. No political sign shall be erected more than thirty (30) days before said election.
    7. All political signs erected thirty (30) days before a primary or special election shall be limited to those candidates in the primary.
    8. Political signs of all candidates shall be removed 5 days after the dates of the election. Upon failure to comply within the time specified, the Zoning Enforcement Officer is here-by authorized to remove or order removal of such sign, within five (5) days of a written notification, and expense incident thereto shall be paid by the candidate of committee placing such signs.
    (Amended effective 11/14/90)

48.03 Temporary Signs- The following signs shall be permitted anywhere within the City and shall not require a permit.

  • 48.03.01 Construction Signs- Signs which identify the architects, engineers, contractors and other individuals, or firms involved with the construction, but not including any advertisement of any product, and signs announcing the character of the building enterprise for which the building is intended, during the construction period, to a maximum area of twelve (12) sq. ft. for each firm. The signs shall be removed within thirty (30) days of the beginning of the intended use of the project.

  • 48.03.02 Real Estate Signs- Signs advertising the sale, rental or lease of the premises or part of the premises on which the signs are displayed, up to a total area of twelve (12) sq. ft. Such signs shall be removed within fourteen (14) days of the sale, rental or lease.

  • 48.03.03 Street Banners- Banners advertising a public entertainment or event, if specifically approved by the Commission, and only for locations designed by the Commission during fourteen (14) days before and seven (7) days after the event.

  • 48.03.04 Show Windows Signs- Signs in a Window display of merchandise when incorporated with such a display. They need no be related in content with the display.

  • 48.03.05 Public Hearing Notice- Notice of any public hearing for any reason authorized by this code shall be given as required by the Connecticut general Statues, as amended. Additionally, the applicant shall cause to be posted a sign or signs and written notice to be given notifying the public of a public hearing related to an application for all such hearings. The signs and the written notice shall be the responsibility of the applicant and posted subject to the following conditions:
    1. The sign shall be posted seven (7) calendar days prior to the day of the public hearing (Eight (8) days if the seventh day is a holiday) and shall not be removed by the applicant until the hearing is closed;
    2. The sign shall be firmly secured to the ground or structure to prevent vandalism and shall be along the most visible portion of road frontage. The sign shall be erected in a manner so as to be visible to traffic moving in both directions and be perpendicular to the roadway, except in the case of signs at the end of cul-de-sacs. If there is more than one frontage of the parcel on an improved street or street, on sign for each frontage shall be posted; (Section amended effective 7/15/2001)
    3. The composition of the sign shall be of a durable material (wood or metal) forty (40) inches by forty (40) inches in size painted white with black lettering having a minimum height of four (4) inches with a letter stroke of one (1) inch;
    4. The signs shall advertise the date, time, and place of the public hearing;
    5. The Zoning Enforcement Officer shall file a report with the Commission that the sign was observed in place in accordance with the above;
    6. A application who fails to display the sign shall be required to withdraw and file a new application and fee;
    7. The sign shall be taken down one (1) week after the public hearing is closed;
    8. Any sign not removed shall be ordered to be removed by the Zoning Enforcement Officer, who is authorized to rescind and revoke any approval for noncompliance;
    9. Applications shall include a list, prepared by the applicant, of the names and mailing addresses of the owners of all parcels of land included within the application and abutting the subject property as shown on the recent records on file in the City Tax Assessor's office (or the actual owners of record if otherwise known by the applicant). If a condominium project abuts such property, the applicant shall list the owners of such units which abut such property directly and the condominium association (all owners not required). the applicant shall mail notification of said pending application to at least one (1) owner of each property not more than fifteen (15) days or less than ten (10) days before the public hearing, by transmitting the text of the public hearing notice as provided by the Commission;
    10. Evidence of such mailing, in the form of united States Post Office Certificates of Mailing, shall be submitted to the Planning Office along with the above said list of property owners, not less than five (5)calendar days prior to the hearing date. Failure to comply with any of the procedures required herein, shall be deemed valid basis for denial of the subject request; and
    11. These requirements shall apply to any amendment proposed by the Commission unless the proposal would require the mailing of greater than fifty (50) certified letters or the posting of more than two (2) signs. (Section amended effective 10/1/96)
48.04 Sign Standards-
Use Number Permitted Maximum Area Location Illumination
Single Family Dwelling 1 2 sq. ft. On a Building or Free Standing External
Residential Unit Business Pursuit 1 2 sq. ft. On Building or Free Standing External
Attached Dwelling Up to 10 Units 1 6 sq. ft. On Building or Free Standing External
Attached Dwelling 11 Units or More 1 12 sq. ft. On Building or Free Standing Internal or External
Insitutional (Church, School, Library, Museum, Hospital, Club, Similar Uses) 1 per street frontage 24 sq. ft. per sign On Building or Free Standing External
Office (Commercial or Professional) 1 per street frontage 1 sq. ft.per building length on street up to 200 sq. ft. maximum On Building or Free Standing Internal or External
Commercial (Internal Use) 3 per street frontage 2 sq. ft. per building length on street up to 300 sq. ft. maximum On Building or Free Standing Internal or External
Commercial (Exterior use i.e. Auto Sales, Gas Stations) 6 2 sq. ft. lot frontage up to 300 sq. ft. maximum On Building or Free Standing Internal or External
Industrial 2 per street frontage 2 sq. ft. per building length on street up to 300 sq. ft. max. On Building or Free Standing Internal or External

48.04.01 DELETED (effective 4/15/94)

48.05 Structural Requirements- All signs shall comply with the pertinent requirements of the Public Works Ordinance of the City of Middletown.

48.06 Non-Conforming Signs- Signs existing at the time of the enactment of this ordinance and not conforming to its provisions but which were constructed in compliance with previous regulations shall be regarded as non-conforming signs. No non-conforming sign shall be altered by increasing its overall dimensions. If damaged to the extent of one-half of its fair market value, no non-conforming sign shall be reconstructed; provided that nothing contained herein shall prevent customary maintenance, repainting or posting of such signs or structures.

48.07 Sign Prohibitions and General Requirements- The construction of any type of sign shall conform to the requirements of the State Building Code and to any other municipal regulation governing the construction of signs. In addition, the following prohibitions and general requirements shall apply in all zones:

  1. No sign shall be attached to or obstruct any window, door, stairway or other opening intented for ingress or egress or for needed light and ventilation. nor shall any sign be attached to any tree, fence or utility pole or be permitted to be painted directly upon the wall or roof of any building.
  2. All signs and components thereof shall be kept in good repair and in a safe, neat, clean and attractive condition.
  3. Any sign now or hereafter existing which no longer advertises a bona fide business conducted, product sold or activity or campaign being conducted shall be taken don and removed by the owner, agent or person having the beneficial use of the building, structure or lot upon which such signs may be found within thirty (30) days of such cessation.
    upon failure to comply within the time specified, the Building Inspector is hereby authorized to order removal of such sign, within thirty (30) days of a written notification, and expense incident thereto shall be paid by the owner of the building, structure or lot to which such sign is attached.
  4. Illuminated signs, including outdoor advertising signs, shall be so designed and arranged that any external illumination is so effectively shielded that no direct external lighting fixtures shall be permitted on indirectly illuminated signs, provided such fixtures do not extend more than six (6) feet beyond the sign structure and are so attached that such illumination is directed upon the face of the sign and does not reflect directly into adjoining property of public streets.
  5. The exposed back of every outdoor advertising sign shall be effectively shielded from view from a public street by: an adjacent building; other substantial facing on the same structure of comparable size; or by the painting of such exposed back by the sign owner in a neutral color. Unless topographically impractical, new or rebuilt outdoor advertising ground structures shall be of the cantilever type to lessen possibility of unsightly "A" frame construction.
  6. Neon lighting and tubing may be used on permitted signs, but it is not permitted to outline buildings or structures or ornamental features by use of exposed neon tubing, strings of lights or otherwise.
  7. No flashing lights, moving parts, or animated signs are permitted.
  8. Signs may be located in the vertical faces of marquees but shall not project below the lower edge of the marquee. The bottom of the marquee signs shall be no less than ten (10) feet above the sidewalk or grade at any point. No part of the sign shall project above the vertical marquee face.
  9. no wall or projecting sign shall be located in such a manner as to obstruct the light and vision of a window, nor extend higher than forty-eight (48) inches above the roof or parapet line of the building to which attached.
  10. No signs shall be attached to the roof, or painted on the roof, of any building.
  11. Free standing signs shall not exceed (10) feet in overall height above ground level. (Amended effective 1/22/2003)
  12. All signs related to premises on which the sign is located shall be within the parcels property lines.
  13. One projecting sign shall be permitted for each street frontage, for a commercial use, but the sign shall not project more than twenty-four (24) inches from the face of the building to which it is attached.
  14. Directory signs may display a horizontal panel area not to exceed 1'X 4" for each land-use and may be placed between two vertical columns. Maximum height shall be 12 feet, maximum width 8 feet.
  15. Free standing signs and internally illuminated signs are not permitted in the Central Business (B-1) zone. (Amended effective 2/13/2002)
  16. Projecting signs and awnings are permitted in the Central Business (B-1) zone subject to the approval of the Sidewalk Conformance Inspector and the Preservation/Design Review board. (Added effective 9/1/95)
  17. All off site advertising signs are prohibited. (Added effective 1/22/03)

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