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Submittal deadline: 3 PM, February 16, 2018
For more information about CDBG contact
Joseph.Samolis by email at
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Middletown's Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) receives approximately $400,000 in Housing and Urban Development funds each year to be disbursed throughout the community.
Middletown was designated as an entitlement community under Title 1 of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974, Public Law 93-383.
Local oversight for the program lies with the Citizens' Advisory Committee (CAC) and is staffed through the Community Development Division of the Department of Planning, Conservation, Development. A majority of the funds received are sub-granted to organizations in Middletown. Each year, those interested in receiving funds can apply near the beginning of each calendar year. The following links will provide information to the CDBG program years:

Reviewing and abiding by the above documents will increase applicants' chances of receiving funding, as each application will be assessed on the basis of criteria which reflect the information found in those resources.
The applications' window is approximately one month, with deadlines typically falling at two weeks into February.  This year's deadline is printed on the application.  After the applicant has submitted his or her application, s/he has an opportunity to pitch the proposal in person at a public hearing held at the CAC's regular March meeting.  The CAC makes its final recommendation in April which is approved or adjusted by the Common Council in May.  Community development staff must then submit the city's entitlement budget to HUD in the form of an Annual Action Plan in July.  If the plan is approved, the entitlement is received in September.  Contracts between the city and sub-grantees are then signed and grant recipients can usually begin drawing their funds in October.  Contract terms are generally one-year in length and must be amended and extended if they expire before the grant is exhausted.  Approximately one year from the date the contracts are signed, the city conducts a performance review of all grantees and submits a consolidated report to HUD.

More information take a look at HUD's CDBG Website, contact Middletown community development staff.

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