Sidebar 2002 CDBG Annual Action Plan

2002 CDBG Consolidated Annual Performance Evaluation Report

2002 CDBG Recipients

$25,000- Oddfellows: Rehab and Restoration
$20,000- Business industry Foundation of Middlesex County: Middletown Worker Prep
$13,000- The Connection, Inc.: Middletown Youth Center
$40,000- St. lukes: St. Luke's Improvements
$5,000- North End Action Team: Community Organizer
$25,000- Middletown Board of Education: School Readiness
$8,000- Positive Solutions: Economic Development and Job Creation
$10,000- Mercy Housing: Ensuring Shepard Home's Future
$24,000- Middlesex Community College: Middletown Nursing Training Program
$65,000- Middletown's Department of Planning: Streetscape Plan
$112,000- Middletown's Department of Planning: Program Administration
$13,000- Equity in Housing: 2002 Rehabilitation Project
$20,000- Middletown Housing Authority: Senior Center Renovations
$25,000- Russell Library: Building Renovation Phase III
$100,000- Wesleyan University: Green Street Arts Center
$15,000- Middletown Little League: Accessible Press Box
$10,000- Office of ADA Coordinator: Main Street Accessibility
$20,000- Gilead Community Services: Renovation and Expansion
$20,000- Kuhn Employment: Mobile Work Crew

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