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Future Date Calculators
65-day Deadline Calculator
35-day Deadline Calculator
15-day Deadline Calculator
90-day Probationary Period for Residential Unit Business Pursuit

Conversion Calculators
Area Conversion Calculator- Acres/Square Feet

Land Use Calculators
Subdivision Calculator
Traffic and Emissions Analysis Calculator
Connecticut River Flooding Calculator

Fiscal Calculators
Property Taxes Calculator
2-Year Tax Abatement Calculator
3-Year Tax Abatement Calculator
4-Year Tax Abatement Calculator
5-Year Tax Abatement Calculator
6-Year Tax Abatement Calculator
7-Year Tax Abatement Calculator
Enterprise Zone and Redevelopment Area Tax Abatement Calculator
EDC Cost Benefit Calculator

Fee Calculators
Natural Resource Extraction Fee
Non Residential Addition or Accessory Use Fee
Non-Residential Special Exception Fee
Residential Special Exception Fee
Non-Residential Site Plan Review Fee
Stormwater Detention Fee
Subdivision Fee
Traffic Analysis Fee

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